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Fire Sprinkler Inspection in Jacksonville, FL

When it comes to your fire sprinkler system, you can’t just install it and forget all about it. To ensure that your Jacksonville, FL facility is adequately protected, your sprinkler system should be periodically tested by a professional. At Lifeguard Systems Services, we provide comprehensive fire sprinkler system testing designed to provide you, your facility, and your employees with the protection you need from the devastating effects of fire – and the peace of mind that comes with it.


How We Can Help

When you hire Lifeguard Systems Services, you can expect timely, honest and professional work, no matter the job at hand. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing quality testing services; and we partner with Jacksonville, FL businesses to ensure the worry-free operation of their sprinkler systems all year-long.

Steps Taken By LSS During An Annual Fire Sprinkler Inspection As Required By NFPA.

  • Visual inspection from the floor for proper orientation, support and clearance of all sprinkler heads and system piping that are readily viewable and accessible.
  • Main drain tests are performed to verify proper water volume and pressure is available for the sprinkler system.  Results are recorded.
  • Lubricate valves if required.
  • If connected to the building alarm system, alarm and supervisory devices are checked to make sure proper annunciation and notification is indicated.
  • Flow switches are tested by flowing water from the inspectors test connection.
  • Tamper switches are tested by exercising the valve through the full range of motion and verifying that signals are received at the fire alarm control panel.
  • Check fire department connections for proper caps and being unobstructed.
  • Check system gauge calibration date and verify the water pressure is adequate.
  • Check for proper signage on valves.
  • Inspect spare head box for proper inventory of spare sprinkler heads and wrench.
  • Verify that all valves are in the proper position and sealed or supervised.
  • If the system is monitored, verify signals are received at the central monitoring station.

Don't take chances with your sprinklers when Lifeguard Systems Services offers preventative maintenance and inspections. Call us today to have your system tested.